10 Best Cooking Oil Brands That Make Food Savory and Stay Healthy

10 Best Cooking Oil Brands That Make Food Savory and Stay Healthy – Cooking oil is an important component of spices and basic ingredients of cooking. The many choices of cooking oil even make you confused? Don’t worry, Tokopedia has a list of 10 recommended brands of cooking oil that are good for you to use for cooking and will certainly make every dish more savory!

1. Bimoli Cooking Oil

The name Bimoli has become a big name in the cooking oil market. This locally made product has been trusted by mothers in terms of cooking since 1968. The healthy content of Omega-9 makes Bimoli still used by most Indonesians for various types of food ingredients until now.

2. Filma Cooking Oil

Besides Bimoli, another big name for the cooking oil market in Indonesia is Filma. Filma Cooking Oil is famous for its non-cholesterol oil which is claimed to contain various healthy substances such as Vitamin D, Omega-6, and Omega-9. Therefore, this oil is suitable for those who want to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

3. Tropical Cooking Oil

Tropical Cooking Oil is one of Indonesia’s popular brands. The reason is that Tropical is known as low-fat cooking oil because it has gone through two screening processes. The results of extensive screening also make it look clearer than other oils. In addition to unsaturated fats or Omega-9, this oil is also rich in Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin A.

4. Tropicana Slim Cooking Oil

The Tropicana Slim brand has long been known as a low-calorie corn sugar brand. So when entering the cooking oil market, this brand also brings its high health standards. Unlike other cooking oil brands that use palm oil, this brand uses canola as the basic ingredient. Canola oil is the oil that comes from the seeds of the canola flower. This oil is claimed to be healthier and better for the heart.

5. Sunco Cooking Oil

For those of you who often watch TV, of course you are familiar with this brand. Sunco is widely known by the public from its advertisements that introduce Sunco products as clear, drinkable oils. The clarity is obtained from 5 processing processes; 2 times filtering and 3 times purification. So when it comes to the clarity and freshness of the oil, this brand is the champion!

6. Sania Cooking Oil

Sania Cooking Oil, according to its jargon, is a premium grade cooking oil product. Processed with the latest technology, this palm-based cooking oil is of high quality. Sania Cooking Oil contains various substances that are very good for body health, such as Omega-6, Omega-9, and Vitamin E.

7. Key Mas Cooking Oil

Kunci Mas Cooking Oil is one of the best locally made oil products. This product is processed from high quality palm oil, with a fully integrated refining process. At the local product level, Kunci Mas Cooking Oil is no less competitive with big brands.

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8. Delicious Cooking Oil

The Sedaap brand is indeed more famous as a brand of sweet soy sauce and instant noodles. However, the wide experience of the brand under the umbrella of Wingsfood guarantees that its cooking oil products are of the same quality as other brands with more experience. In addition to color clarity, Sedaap Cooking Oil also contains nutrients that are good for health.

9. Fortune Cooking Oil

With a relatively affordable price, Fortune brand cooking oil is especially suitable for those who like to cook crunchy dishes. This brand of oil can strengthen the texture of food. In addition, the content of this oil is also of course very healthy. So with this oil, you don’t have to worry if you eat fried food.

10. Forvita Cooking Oil

After entering the butter market, the Forvita brand is now also releasing cooking oil products. Forvita brand cooking oil is suitable for those of you who are looking for healthy cooking oil because this oil contains Vitamin E which functions to strengthen antioxidants in the body. In addition, this brand of oil is also free of cholesterol.


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