5 Recommendations of Baby Hair Oils

5 Recommendations of Baby Hair Oils – In choosing hair care products for babies, we need to choose them carefully because the baby’s scalp is still sensitive. You can choose baby hair oil or baby hair oil with ingredients that are soft and safe for sensitive skin.

There are so many benefits of baby hair oil, you know! Among them are able to provide moisture and smooth baby hair. Next, the IDN Times will provide recommendations for baby hair oils that you can choose for your little one’s hair care!

1. Cussons Baby Natural Hair Oil Candlenut

The first product recommendation is from Cussons Baby Natural Hair Oil Candlenut. This product contains 1000 percent natural hazelnut oil to make hair darker and radiant. In addition, the pro-vitamin B-5 content in it also helps hair stay soft and radiant.

This product can also get rid of baby’s head dirt because often a baby’s dry scalp produces dandruff and makes it itchy. This product makes baby’s hair shinier and healthier. No need to worry! This product is paraben-free so it is safe for sensitive skin. The price is IDR 45 thousand.

2. Cussons Baby Natural Hair Coconut Oil

Coconut oil or coconut oil is known to be an effective natural ingredient for moisturizing hair. This product is suitable for moisturizing hair and scalp. The content of vitamin E in it will nourish the scalp and remove dirt on the baby’s head because there are usually several problems that are prone to occur on the baby’s scalp, such as the appearance of crusts or what is called cradle cap.

You can apply this product to get rid of the scale on the baby’s head. The trick, you just need to massage the baby’s head with this product. The price of Cussons Baby Natural Hair Oil Coconut is IDR 45 thousand.

3. Cantiqa Pecan

Candlenut oil from Cantiqa Pecan has properties to help baby’s hair growth. Suitable for those of you who want your little one to have thick and healthy hair. In addition, this hazelnut oil can also be used by adults.

This product is safe, because in addition to having received a BPOM permit, this product is pure hazelnut, without fragrances, purifiers, and other dangerous chemicals. The price of candlenut oil from Cantiqa Kemiri is priced at IDR 100,000.

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4. Kukui Candlenut Oil

The main ingredient of this product is hazelnut oil which has been proven to moisturize, moisturize, and prevent hair loss. You don’t need to use too much because this product is perfectly absorbed into the baby’s scalp.

The benefit that you can get is baby hair that is easy to manage and limp free throughout the day. This product can also be applied every day to your little one for thicker and healthier hair. The price of this Kukui Candlenut Oil is IDR 50,000.

5. Tropee Bebe Candlenut Oil

Tropee Bebe Candlenut Oil contains natural hazelnut oil which is believed to aid hair growth and black hair. You need to know, hair loss can be experienced by anyone, including babies. Most babies will lose hair in the first few months of life. This is normal. Therefore, you have to adjust the baby’s hair care so that the hair can grow back thickly.

The interesting thing, this product is in the form of a spray. You just need to spray the product on the baby’s head after bathing. This product is also easy to use anytime and anywhere. The price is IDR 46 thousand. Interested in trying?


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