5 Ways to Grow Apples from Seed to Fruitful

5 Ways to Grow Apples from Seed to Fruitful -Apples are a type of fruit, or fruit produced from the apple tree. Apples are usually red in color when ripe and (ready to eat), but they can also have green or yellow skin. The skin of the fruit is a bit soft and the flesh is hard. Apples have some seeds in them.People started growing apples for the first time in Central Asia. Now apples thrive in many areas of the world where the air temperature is colder. The scientific name of the apple tree in Latin is Malus domestica. The cultivated apple is descended from Malus sieversii of Central Asia, with a portion of the genome from Malus sylvestris (forest apple/wild apple).Interested in growing it? Here are five ways to grow apples from seed to produce a fruitful harvest.

1. Prepare superior quality apple seeds

The first way to grow apples from seeds is to prepare superior quality apple seeds, so that the plants thrive and the fruit harvests are dense. Then, prepare a wet tissue and place the apple seeds on it, then wrap it. Next, prepare a container and put the seeds wrapped in tissue into it. Close the container tightly, then put it in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4.4-10 degrees Celsius. Store apple seeds in the refrigerator for 8 weeks until they sprout or germinate. After starting to germinate, the apple seeds are ready for you to transfer to the planting medium.

2. Preparation of planting media for apple seedlings

Media for planting apple seeds, you can use a small pot, then fill the pot with loose soil. Then, make a hole in the soil that is larger than the apple seed. Transfer the seedling to the soil hole you made, and cover it again with soil. Gently press the soil, then water to keep the soil moist. After that, place the pot in a cool place and make sure it gets enough sun exposure every day. Water the apple seeds that are still germinating regularly for 3-4 weeks.

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3. After the plants grow big, move them to your house

After the apple plant begins to grow large and reaches a height of 25 cm, and releases leaves. So, you need to move it to the ground on the land of the house. Choose land with fertile and moist soil, then make sure the land is exposed to sunlight, and has sufficient space for plant root growth. So, you need to provide a spacing of about 4.5-5 meters for each apple plant. Transfer the apple seeds from the pot to the soil. After that, water regularly for up to 10-12 days. Watering is done moderately, because apple plants cannot thrive in dry or too wet soil.

4. Take good care of apple plants
To maintain the health and fertility of the plant, the apple plant also needs to be given good care every day. In addition to watering regularly to keep the soil moist, you also need to add fertilizer as a nutrient.Observe the growth of the apple plant, clean the planting area from grass or other things that can interfere with plant growth. Protect plants from pests and diseases that usually damage the growing leaves. As long as it is well cared for and monitored, the apple yields will be plentiful and of good quality.

5. Apple harvest time
After the apple plant is 4-5 months old, this is usually the right time to harvest. At the age of the plant, the flower of the plant has also begun to bloom. You can harvest your own apples now, the harvesting method is also easy to do, namely, by picking them.Pick an apple that is ripe, you can see that the size of the fruit is large, the color of the fruit is bright and fresh, when you press the fruit it feels dense and crunchy. Then, ripe apples will also emit a distinctive aroma.Pick apples by hand, so as not to damage the fruit and the plant. The apple harvest period occurs every 6 months. The yield of apples does depend on the type of apple plant, and how to care for it. However, in general, in one harvest, apple plants can produce 6-15 kg of apples per one tree.growing apples from seed to produce a bountiful harvest of fruit at home is easy, right? Growing apples from seeds, does require patience and thoroughness during the growth process. But, later you can produce a whole apple plant, from strong roots to dense fruit.Just follow each step of the methods that have been described. Then, be disciplined in providing plant care, then you will definitely succeed in planting seeds to harvesting apples. Apples are fresh fruit with a crunchy texture, and are rich in nutrients. So, there’s nothing wrong with trying to grow your own on your home land.


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