Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil for Beauty

Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil for Beauty – There must be a lot of people who want beauty in the eyes of many people. Believers, to get our beauty, we must use all kinds of halal ways, namely by means of treatment. Ladies, do you know the benefits of eucalyptus oil other than for body health? Yes, in addition to body health, it turns out that you can use eucalyptus oil as a natural ingredient for beauty.

Then, what are the benefits that eucalyptus oil provides for the beauty of women’s skin? Quoted from various sources with the following explanation.

1. Heal wounds

Robinson MD from Modern Dermatology says that eucalyptus oil can help heal wounds. This is due to the presence of cineole which has anti-inflammatory properties and makes wounds disappear.
“Overall, there’s been mention that cineole helps heal wounds with antimicrobial properties,” Robinson explained to Byrdie.

2. Protects the skin from the sun

Women’s Health Magazine reported that one of the benefits of using eucalyptus is to protect the skin from the hot sun. It’s all because of its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and natural cooling sensation properties that make eucalyptus oil ideal for soothing the sun’s rays on the skin.
Don’t forget Women’s Health Magazine wrote several ways you can make it easier to apply eucalyptus oil. One of them is that you can mix coconut and a spoonful of aloe vera gel which of course has a function as a natural emulsifier.

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3. Moisturizing skin

Eucalyptus oil also produces ceramide content which functions to moisturize the skin. This was also confirmed by Dr. Claire Chang, MD, a dermatologist from New York.

“A laboratory study shows that eucalyptus oil can increase the production of ceramides to keep skin moisturized, reduce inflammation and prevent degradation,” says Dr. Chang in Byrdie.

4. Able to stimulate the scalp

In addition to facial skin, eucalyptus oil also has benefits for the scalp. Women’s Health Magazine launched the reason eucalyptus oil has many benefits for hair. Among them is that it can stimulate the scalp, reduce dandruff, and increase hair elasticity. You can add a drop of eucalyptus oil and mix it with shampoo before applying it.


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